Wharfedale released the Denton 85 Anniversary speaker

denton 85 speaker

Wharfedale, one of the most famous loudspeaker brands, has announced the Denton 85 Anniversary Edition speaker that looks like the old, more classic traditional bookshelf speaker but with very improved performance than what it was back in those days. It comes 5 years after the Denton 80th Anniversary Edition speaker but, this time, with a more ambitious design.

On the inside of the traditional housing is a combination of advanced and traditional technology that together deliver rich detailed bass and midrange and overall dynamic performance. The speaker features a 6.5-inch black woven Kevlar woofer on a rigid die-cast chassis as a bass driver designed and produced by Wharfedale.

At the same time, the treble driver, a 1-inch woven textile soft dome tweeter, has a high flux ferrite magnet that delivers smooth and detailed high frequencies. The way the two drivers are combined together results in thrilling, natural sound of any audio. At the back panel of the speaker are two small bass ports and bi-wire speaker connectors.

Denton 85 Anniversary speaker is sold for $899 and it comes with two housing design options, red mahogany or walnut veneer, both of which come in combination with black cloth grille that adds to the overall classic look.

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