Yevo Labs new earphones transform lethal weapons into peace devices at CES 2018

Yevo Labs ces 2018

Make love, not war. a few words that summarizes what Sweden’s Yevo Labs did with their latest audio device: earphones that were recycled from humanity’s worst inventions to a peace-spreading tool.

These new pair of headphones were revealed at the current CES 2018 to be made using Humanium, a recycled metal from illegal firearms seized by South American authorities and best known for its various uses all over Scandinavian countries, but never before in an audio device.

The way these earphones work are just as interesting, with sound distribution through NFMI -Near Field Magnetic Induction- technology, as well as the traditional wireless Bluetooth. NFMI is commonly found in hearing aid devices, as its low frequency magnetic field resonates with liquids inside the body.

Yevo Labs humanium ces 2018“Obviously you want the headphones to be good – there is an element that you’re paying for the brand,” said Stuart Miles, founder of Pocket-lint website. “What you find is there are so many headphone manufacturers out there, to stand out from the crowd you will see more and more trying to do different things. In the same way as Apple does with its Red products [money from sales goes to support people living with HIV around the world] – Yevo is trying to showcase that they believe in a cause.”

Despite having a steep price tag of $499, as admitted by Yevo’s chief executive Andreas Vural, the goal is to give away %50 of revenue to organizations helping in recycling firearms into useful material to enhance human lives rather than destroying them.

“It’s the most valuable material in the world because you can’t set a price on a human life”

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