The new YouTube Music streaming service is out!

youtube music

With a serious intent of competing with other music streaming services in the market, Google launches the new YouTube Music streaming service; a previous part of the YouTube Red, alongside a new YouTube Premium subscription.

What is this YouTube Music service exactly?

It’s a new music streaming service that allows you to stream your favorite songs and music tracks to your phone or PC browser. You can use the service for free, or with a monthly subscription for 9.99$ that allows you to download, listen in the background, and enjoy your music with no ads.

The price hits the mark in comparison with other music services like Spotify and Apple Music, as the 9.9$ monthly fee is becoming the norm, but Google has another Ace up their sleeve for this service, as it’s going to offer some unique features the others don’t have.

Google’s AI is a core part of this new service; as it allows the users to discover new music based on their subscriptions or the music they like, it will also allow smart search for songs using lyrics or hints like that hipster song with the whistling.

The YouTube music service is now available in the U.S., Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea. It’ll be soon available in most of Europe, the UK and Russia. No news of it being available in Middle East anytime soon.

What about YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is basically the new YouTube Red, by subscribing to YouTube Premium for 11.99$ monthly, you get access to YouTube Music and all the YouTube Original series that are a part of the YouTube Red service and the ones to come.

It is true that YouTube Originals lack a lot compared Netflix Originals per say, but Google promises that they’ll expand the selection with “more, bigger original series and movies”, this comes after news of YouTube planning to launch new Originals with some big names included, such as Will Smith.

YouTube Music will start rolling-out 22nd of this month, and for the countries that are yet to have the service you can get a YouTube Red subscription for 9.99$ before hand, and enjoy the features of YouTube Premium after the launch in your country.

Download YouTube Music for Android from the Google Play Store, or for iOS from the App Store.


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