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apple music update

Apple Music update brings refreshed look to Browse section

The latest Apple Music update brings a new, more refreshed organisation of the playlists and albums of the Browse tab on both MacOS and iOS devices.
truly wireless powerbeats

Truly wireless Powerbeats headphones might be coming in April

Beats by Dre appears to be launching their first truly wireless Powerbeats headphones in April to compete with the new AirPods 2.
Netflix Movies And Series In April 2019

Netflix Movies And Series In April 2019

Here is everything that is coming to Netflix in the month of February 2019. all the Movies, Series, and Originals.Netflix Movies And Series In April 2019
android auto update

New Android Auto update brings wide-screen support

The latest version of Android Auto update brings few new exciting features to Google's in-car interface including a new layout for certain vehicles.

Shanling’s New M2x Player to Feature WiFi

Shanling has had some pretty good success with their latest line of devices. The M5s featured a touch display and it serves essentially as...

Some Specs Of Upcoming iBasso DX220 Revealed

iBasso's original DX200 made a fair splash for the company. It was by far their most expensive and full-featured product, not to mention a...
AirPods 2

Apple AirPods 2 are finally available after 3 years

Apple AirPods 2 are finally available with a few improvements on the original AirPods and the charging case, the most famous earbuds are here.
new qualcomm chip

New Qualcomm chip brings better sound to affordable speakers

The new Qualcomm chip is going to improve Class D amplification and provide better sound performance to the more affordable, portable speakers.

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