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Hidizs Announces NF-3U Triple-driver IEM

It seems that more and more manufacturers of portable music players are starting to dip their toes into making high quality headphones and/or in...

iFi Announces Audiophile-grade OTG Cables

If you're a fan of lugging around an external DAC/AMP to attach to your Android mobile device or dedicated DAP, then iFi recently announced...

Save the environment with Uprise wireless earphones

When you think of environment friendly products, earphones are usually not on top of the list for many, but they are for House of Marley, company that offers a variety of audio devices made out of sustainable materials. Company recently added Uprise wireless earphones that you can purchase and help their goal.
Gatecrasher 1

Atlantic Technology joins the smart home market with the new Gatecrasher 1 smart speaker

Atlantic Technology's new product announcement for Gatecrasher 1, a wireless multi-room smart speaker, truly enters them to the market of smart home devices. The new smart speaker will offer its users streaming services as well as internet radio, and here is what you can expect from their first product of this kind.

FiiO Unveils New Quad-driver FH5 Hybrid IEMs

FiiO are working hard to expand their product portfolio, and one of their more recent range of products are a number of in-ear monitors...
HA-ET90BT headphones

JVC’s new HA-ET90BT headphones for athletes and sports lovers

JVC tried to tackle down one of the biggest issues athletes have during their workout when it comes to audio devices. Their HA-ET90BT headphones are designed to stay secure during the run, and at the same time avoid being a burden as they are completely wireless.

New Class-D Audio Amplifiers trio for smart home audio

three new audio amplifiers to be used by engineers with a goal of delivering a high-resolution audio for more device applications, in particular, smart-home and voice-enabled apps, and at the same time reduce board space as well as their BOM cost.

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