Our Story

We are a group of highly motivated, music enthusiasts and sound quality lovers, we all have 10 to 15 years of professional working experience and wanted to start a business about what we loved, taking into consideration the fast and huge growth of the headphones market in this region. This is how the idea of the website started, we aimed to offer the online shoppers a unique experience to satisfy the demand for the right quality earphones/headphones and their related matched quality accessories.

For many years, many of our friends and acquaintances were asking us for advice about how to buy audio equipments. We were their reference. And here, at samma3a.com, we wanted to relay our experience to you, and share the passion, knowledge in an interactive, simple, and enjoyable way.

We would love to help the new and confused users to buy the best option, we want to simplify choosing the correct product while enhancing the music experience for the mobile users… and remember, it’s not just about giving the options for you to choose from or providing a long technical complicated lists of specifications, it’s about what suits each listener for her/his know - maybe unknown- needs.


Samma3a Team

- We aim to be number one portable audio reference website in the Arab world -