Samma3a Rating Methodology

This a simple elaboration of how we at Samma3a base our rating methodology. All of the products listed in are thoroughly tested by our team. Every single Headphones, Amp, DAC…etc is used and tested from two to four weeks through all scenario that the product is designed for, we conclude after that and all our observations and remarks are collected and summarized.

The rating result is calculated as an average from different categories selected according to the type of product being reviewed, all shown in the below list, each category is given a score from 1 to 10 points, in some cases a product might show a certain weakness in a specific category such as sound quality or we might see it’s too expensive but at the same time it might be very strong in other categories.


Scoring system:


  • 1-4 Bad: the product is bad and not recommended by Samma3a for any type of use 
  • 5 Week: the product is weak at a specific category but might have other good features 
  • 6 Acceptable: the Product has an acceptable quality with no major flaws 
  • 7 Good: good product but nothing special 
  • 8 Great: a very good and recommended product  
  • 9 Superb: highly recommended don't think twice when buying
  • 10 Flawless: no comment

Rating Categories:


  • Sound quality 
  • Comfort 
  • Design 
  • Durability
  • Build Quality
  • Compatibility
  • Battery life
  • Connectivity
  • Value for money 


For every product, we use five of the categories above that are most suitable for the product that’s under review. Each of the selected categories is given a rate from 1 to 10 as per our scoring system and then the average result is calculated and displayed as a final score for the product.




Home: For your home Audio enjoyments.

Office: You can use it at work, as there is no sound leakage, with good sound isolation.

Outdoor: You can use it with all outdoor activities such as jogging, working out, at the beach,while hiking and more, as it is weather proof.

Training: perfect for the Gym, it comes with steady secure fit and sweat proof design and good sound isolation.

Travel: Relax while traveling from the annoying airplane, train, transportation loud sounds… etc. with the sound isolation or the active noise canceling feature, with great connectivity and a compact design.

With mic and remote: Mobile friendly, receive and make calls, control the volume, and navigate the tracks.

Wireless: It works without the wire.

Sound isolation: this is for the in ear-canal headphones, which provides a good seal not allowing most of the  surrounding sounds to be heard.

Active Noise cancelling: It is a technology that enables the headphones to produce special sound waves to cancel the ambient noise for the surrounding environment such as airplanes.