Astell&Kern announce three new products available for pre-order

new Astell&Kern DAP and IEM AK70 MKII and Michelle limited

Astell&Kern recently announced three new products available for pre-order, including an IEM called Michelle Limited, an enhanced version of the AK70 DAP called AK70 MKII, and a CD ripper which is also an enhanced version of the AK ripper named AK ripper MKII; and this all you need to know about these new products:

Astell&Kern announce three new products available for pre-orderMichelle Limited, the new IEM from Astell&Kern:

The Michell Limited is the result of a collaboration between Astell&Kern and Jerry Harvey Audio, a well-known leader in the custom earphone industry. these new IEM come as an extension of the existing Siren series, which is loved by audiophiles around the world. The specs of these IEM are well fitted for the great history the two collaborating companies have.

The IEM uses three 3way BA drivers, fitted perfectly in an Ergonomic earpiece for maximum comfort. The provided cable contains silver plated copper wires rolled around kevlar to make it more resilient, the cables are also detachable from the earpieces. The three BA drivers are placed in precisely cut tube lengths for each driver to minimize the phase shift of each frequency, using a technology patented for Jerry Harvey Audio.

The Michelle is now available for pre-order from the Official Astell&Kern website for 400$ and will be shipped for those who pre-ordered it early October, you can also check the full specs of the IEM at the store page.

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AK70 MKII, the new DAP from Astell&Kern:

This new DAP is the second enhanced version of the companies previous AK70 DAP, the AK70 MKII DAP uses Dual DAC chips to handle the left and right audio channels from input to output. It also has the same signature of Astell&Kern while providing higher audio output.

The key differences between the AK70 MKII and the previous AK70, is that the AK70 MKII utilizes two Cirrus Logic CS4398 DACs while the previous only includes one DAC chip for handling both channels. The new MKII has the Balanced Output level set at 4.0Vrms while the old model has it at 2.3Vrms. The battery in the MKII comes with 2500 mAh cap, while the previous model had a battery with 2200 mAh only.

The AK70 MKII is available for preorder from the Official website for 700$ and it will be shipped late October. You can check the full specs of the DAP in the official store page, too.

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Astell&Kern announce three new products available for pre-orderAK Ripper MKII, the new CD Ripper from Astell&Kern:

This new Ripper is also an enhanced version of the previous AK ripper, it comes with a special heavy design made to handle Hi-Res Audio CDs Ripping while maintaining high speeds without any vibrations that affect the ripping quality. The AK Ripper MKII comes priced at 400$ and is available for pre-order from Astell&Kerns’ official website, it will also start shipping mid-October.

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