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With companies like Razer, Asus and Huawei producing phones specifically geared for mobile gaming, 2018 has got to be the best year for Android games so far and is only promising to get better. With the end of the year approaching, we thought to take a look at the best games of the past year, and here are our picks.


Madfinger Games has presented us over the years with many Android games that have grown to be some of our favorites, especially when it comes to FPS titles such as the Shadowgun series, to which the new Shadowgun Legends was recently added. The Shadowgun series are sci-fi FPS games with both campaign and multiplayer modes. Other favourites include the UNKILLED and the Dead Trigger games, both mission style zombie shooter with an impressive amount of missions to complete. Some of our other favorite FPS games for mobiles is the Modern Combat 5, which is great for multiplayer, but it doesn’t beat MADFINGER titles which have grown to set a standard in the field.

  • Minecraft

A new year comes and goes and Minecraft continues to make it to the list of best games of the year. The game is popular around the world with people of various ages. If you haven’t tried it or heard about it before, the games puts you in a universe of its own where you can mine stuff to build other stuff and do pretty much anything you want. There are two modes, Survival mode where you have to mine your resources and food and survive while everything is trying to kill you, while creative mode gives you everything you want to build whatever you want. The game is available on PC and consoles, but over the years, the mobile version has grown more and more popular. The game is available through Play Store for $6.99 with in-app purchases for customization purposes like skin packs.

  • Nintendo Games

Nintendo’s name is synonymous with gaming. In recent years, the company has made a move on the mobile gaming market releasing multiple Android games that have become fan favourites. The company’s most popular game by far is Super Mario Run, but that doesn’t take away from how entertaining their games are. Nintendo also has a few freemium options such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. One recent addition to their games was Dragalia Lost, which was released in September of this year.

  • Noodlecake Studios

Over the years, Noodlecake Studios has presented us with some of the most unique Android games. These include Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey, two great infinite runner games, Framed 1 and 2 for puzzles. If you’re more into action and adventure then Noodlecake has got Wayward Souls for you and many more titles that are just as fun to play. The company has many options when it comes to pricing, some games are free with in-app purchases and others are pay-once upfront.

  • Pokemon Go

The hype around the game might have cooled down a little, but the game is still just as fun to play. When it first came out in July of 2016, it instantly became one of the best Android games ever. The game broke every record in the world of mobile gaming. But the game you download today is not the same that came out a couple of years ago as Niantic ensures frequent updates. The aim hasn’t changed, you need to run around the world and collect Pokemon, battle for Gyms and check Pokestops to restock on items. Over the past couple of years, more Pokemon have been added and there is way more stuff to do. You can download the game through Play Store.

  • PUBG Mobile

This list would not be complete without PUBG. The game already has over 100 million downloads and over seven million reviews. The game is based on the “battle royale” play mode, in which you battle in an arena free for all players with the objective of being the last man standing. The mobile version is a faithful and accurate recreation of the original PC version. In recent updates the game added arcade mode and more maps and arenas to play in. There is also a Lite version of the game that is only available on certain devices, allowing for fewer players per match and lower graphics settings. You can download it directly through Play Store. Another similar game is Fortnite, but if you would like to play it you will have to download the game directly from Epic Games as it is not available on Google Play.

  • Riptide GP

The Riptide GP games have been on Android for as long as I can remember, and the games have only gotten better. This game has grown to become arguably the best racers game available on Android. In its latest iteration, Riptide GP Renegade, you will be a racer who had his license revoked after getting caught in a street race. The graphics of the game have only gotten better over the years and you get to enjoy them with the game’s simple controls and fun tricks. The Asphalt series is another excellent choice for racers, especially if you prefer cars to jet skis. The new Asphalt 9 was launched earlier this year and is the best the franchise has to offer. The game is available through Play Store for $2.99.

  • Vainglory

This is perhaps the best Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game on Android at the moment. If you’re into World of Warcraft or League of Legends then this is the game for you. The usual three lanes that you have to attack or defend with two other players returns. You have the choice to play against people or bots. The game’s performance is fantastic and there are many characters that you can choose from. The best part is that there are no energy bars or freemium options, the game is simple and fun to play. You can download the game through Play Store for free.

  • Portal Knights

This game was introduced in late 2017 and it made a name for itself since then. The role playing  game features multiplayer mode, local multiplayer over the same WiFi, controller support, random events and a lot more to do. The graphics are not realistic per se, but they are meant to be goofy and fun. The game has a storyline that most people will appreciate. If you are looking for a something deeper than just shooting, then this might just be the game for you. Portal Knights is available through Play Store for $4.99.

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