Google fills patent for a smart Drag and Drop feature for Android

drag and drop android

Our smartphones are about to get even smarter and more dynamic with this new feature. The new Drag and Drop patent that google filled for Android promises some more control over content for users.

The patent describes a new drag and drop dynamic between apps on Android. You would be able to drag content like a photo or text, or a restaurant and drop it into a relevant app that can use that content like a photo editor, messaging app or Google Maps.

Think about a situation when your friend suggests you a restaurant. With this feature, you’ll be able to drag the name and drop it instantly in a relevant app like Google Maps to Get directions, or book a table using the app for it. It won’t stop here, as the machine will learn from your usage of the feature to show you more relevant apps for the content you’re dragging.

With this new step, smartphones will be even more help than ever before and a dynamic assistant. We will be waiting for the official reveal in the near future for upcoming Android system revisions.


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