iFi announces the new range of “X” products and the first new xDSD

iFi xDSD front

iFi Audio is one of worlds most famous audio companies, mainly known for their iconic micro iDSD DAC headphone amplifier that became one of the most beloved tools among audiophiles around the world, iFi is now uncovering a new range of products with the name X, starting with the xDSD portable DAC/amp that comes with a unique design and a whole set of features.

xdsd specs

The xDSD comes with a new design totally different from what we’re used to see in the i product range. the new curvy design makes the xDSD easier to handle with an extensive implementation of LEDs. the xDSD comes in a small size with 95mm in length, 66.5mm in width, and 19mm in height.



On the front face of the xDSD you’ll find the analogue rotary that controls the device power, volume levels, and device modes; to the right of the rotary you’ll find the 3D+ Matrix and Xbass LEDs, alongside with the settings button; to the left of the rotary you’ll find a 3.5mm headphone line output alongside the input and audio format LEDs.


The rotary with the laminated LED center serve as the main control center for the xDSD, you can use the rotary to control device settings and modes, you can also check the LED color to know the device state as for each color means a different setting. you can learn about all the different uses of the rotary knob in the user manual.

On the rear side of the xDSD you’ll find the S/PDIF & USB-A inputs, alongside the PCM/DSD filter switch, the micro USB charging port, and the battery LED indicator. It’s also worth noting the micro USB port in the rear can only be used for charging the device and can’t be used as an input/output port.


xDSD-backThe xDSD is now available to order directly from Samma3a Store, priced at 1,599 AED.




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