Netflix subscribers who enjoyed the content from Android devices have had the “smart download” feature since last summer, but it is now finally being released for those who use iOS and Windows 10 Netflix app. The idea behind the Netflix Smart Download feature is to make it more convenient for users to manage their downloads and spend more time enjoying Netflix content rather than managing the episodes.

Basically what the Netflix smart download feature does is automatically delete downloaded episodes after you have watched them, and then automatically downloads the next ones when you are connected to WiFi. Prior to this, users had to do these steps on their own but now the app can do it instead of them which can be very useful especially for those who do not have WiFi available at all times. And as the feature is designed to work only on WiFi, users won’t have to worry about accidentally used their phone data.

It is very simple to activate the new feature as all that is necessary is the latest version of the Netflix app. The Smart Downloads toggle can be found in app settings which will activate the automatic deletion and downloading of the wanted content. Each time an episode is downloaded, the user will get a notification about it.

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