15 months of PlayStation Plus membership for the price of 12.

15 months of PlayStation Plus membership for the price of 12.

The PlayStation Plus service is the most important of all the additional services provided by Sony for the PlayStation platform, an indispensable service for most users of the PlayStation 4 and later versions of the PlayStation 4 Slim and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PlayStation UK store has a very special offer and the deserves to be paid for is a PlayStation®Plus subscription for 15 months at a subscription price of 12 months which means for £40.

15 months of PlayStation Plus membership for the price of 12.This offer came just in time, just a few days before increasing the annual subscription fee for £ 10, which means that it will be at £ 50 for 12 months, making this offer worth it for players to catch up with before they finish.

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Sony said in a mail sent to British account holders on the PlayStation Store:

“We will replace the PlayStation®Plus membership price at 00.01 BST on August 31st, 2017. As a current user, this means that the renewal costs for your subscription after August 31st, 2017 will be at the new rate.”

When contacted with a Sony representative to explain this decision, he commented:

“We are changing the pricing to reflect changes in market conditions, which allows us to continue to provide exceptional value to our members.”

And he added:

“Members will continue to enjoy the benefits and features such as online multiplayer, two PS4 games every month, new PlayLink social party game That’s You! as a bonus game until 25th October, exclusive discounts, and 10GB online storage for game saves.”


The PlayStation®Plus service offers its customers numerous offers and exclusive discounts for games, which are usually 10-15% of the reduction. It is added to the main discount for non-subscribers, apart from separate service discounts, as well as free games that have started to improve for a long time and have moved to a higher level Which is available through the service on a monthly basis.

The service also offers the ability to play online with your friends and with the rest of the subscribers, which you cannot do without subscribing in the service.


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