CES 2018 saw the introduction of a whole host of new products to be released later in the year. Onkyo, well-known for their home theatre systems, are not exactly new comers to the world of portable Hi-Fi audio. It seems fitting then for Onkyo to unveil their latest portable player – the PD-S10.

What’s The PD-S10 All About?

Actually, there are quite a few top-notch parts that have gone into the new device. In terms of the hardware, digital decoding is dealt with by a pair of SABRE® ESS9018C2M DAC chips, and the analogue stage consists of dual SABRE® ESS9601K amp chips which are integrated on entirely separate circuit boards, all in an effort to provide a fully balanced circuit structure. Nice!
But it doesn’t stop there, Onkyo went even further by incorporating new large-capacity conductive polymer chip capacitors in order to double the power supply capacitance, which in effect reduced the impact of noise around the DSP and memory processing circuits.

The PD-S10 also boasts both Bluetooth and built-in 5 GHz/2.4 GHz Wi-Fi capibility, which means that fans of Tidal and TuneIn are covered. Onkyo also made sure that there is compatibility with MQA format files, as well as DSD (up to 5.6MHz), and 192khz/32-bit PCM formats.
The dual micro-SD card slots will also ensure that you can fit an absolute ton of music on this little device. And speaking of little, the PD-S10 measures in at 63mm (2.5″) wide, 94mm (3.7″) tall, and 15mm (0.6″) thick. This means that the PD-S10 is both narrower and shorter than the Fiio X5 3rd Gen, and just a touch thicker. But overall, the PD-S10 is around 20% less bulky than the X5 3rd Gen.
There’s also OTG support, meaning that it should be possible to connect the PD-S10 to an external DAC, or to connect external storage devices.

Other specs include a claimed signal-to-noise ratio of more than 115dB, a frequency response range of 20-80kHz, and a THD+N figure of less than 0.006%.

Overall, it seems as though the device would serve quite well as both a stand-alone player, and as a transport.


Pricing and Availability


Onkyo seem to have pegged the PD-S10 at an MSRP of $499, and should be available starting somewhere in March 2018.

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