Portable Professional Android phones USB DAC+AMP, the E18 can function as outboard headphone amp for mobile music enjoyment with any source, including all Androids, iDevices and DAPs

E18 can work with smart phones with USB OTG (on the go) function.Connected via micro USB OTG cable, E18 would first decode the music stream, and then amplify it,and can even remotely control the playback of songs on the phone

The E18 also act as a mobile power source, so you don’t need to worry about your Smartphone running out of juice while you’re listening to music.

It has a 3500 mAh high-capacity, high-current, Li-polymer battery with that can be used  to output power for  charging your Smartphone.

  • Compact and light weight, easy to carry and use
  • The Ideal Partner for Android Phones Music Sounds Better than Ever
  • High and Low gain settings for optimal driving of various headphones
  • Bass boost to satisfy different listening tastes
  • Mini USB charger port can be used with any USB power source
  • Act as a mobile power source