Coming all the way from the Netherlands to the Kickstarter crowdfunding website is Lenco-MD modular record player. But, what makes it so different is that each module is 3D printed by the user and made out of renewable resources. Lenco-MD uses specialty of the hi-fi manufacturer Lenco and RepRapUniverse 3D printer producer and offers great audio quality and is easily upgradable.

The design of Lenco-MD record player was shown for the first time at IFA 2018 in Berlin. Having in mind that even though record players have been used even in the past century, modern times require more modern device so this recorded is made to be more individualized and customizable. The modules are swappable and the device itself can be upgraded.

lenco-md record player

The modules can be swapped and added to the legs of the main frame to adapt the player to any situation, for example making the Lenco-MD wireless by adding the Bluetooth Module or making it fit for a sunny day in the backyard with the Solar Module. The set comes with two empty modular cases that can be filled in later on.

Parts of the frame are 3D printed by the user using the pre-set designs, that can be later on combined with tonearm, damping system, and different modules to create ultimate personalized record player. Even though it is 3D printed in parts, it is very simple to assemble as they only need to be plugged in together to be used. As not all people have a 3D printer in order to make the device on their own, there is an option to buy preprinted modules that require only final setup.

Each part of this record player is designed with Swiss precision by Lenco. The tonearm is perfectly balanced on the frame and even though looks very simple, it is specialized to deliver minimal friction and resonance. The Audio Technica AT3600 cartridge is included in the set, but it can be swapped by almost any cartridge as the tonearm is flexible enough. The soft legs eliminate vibrations leading to needle skipping by giving more stability to the player.

Lenco-MD comes with DC power supply but is compatible with the Solar Charging Module as an alternative. The pre-amp and RCA line out ports allow you to connect any audio setup or even headphones and enjoy your favorite records. Later on, the Bluetooth module will be added for connection with wireless devices.

The device is still not available for sale but as it is currently a part of a Kickstarter campaign, there are a few offers that you can choose for preorder. First is the $115 offer that includes the hardware and the electronics and the 3D designs and instructions. Keep in mind that this offers requires a 3D printer with minimal build volume 330x330x100mm in order to print remaining elements in any vinyl color option you choose. In case your 3D printer holds only 200x200x100mm build volume, the $170 offer comes with a preprinted platter and tonearm. The Complete Set offer includes a fully printed Lenco-MD at $230, in 7 color options: green, orange, yellow, pink, red, blue and white.

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