Logitech acquires ASTRO Gaming in hopes of strengthening gaming products line

Astro Gaming Logitech

It looks like ASTRO Gaming, the professional headsets manufacturer aimed at video games players has found a new home at Logitech, after the later announced it’s acquiring ASTRO in hopes of expanding its portfolio of gaming products.

Keyboards, mouses (or should we say mice), and more. Logitech gave us some premium quality but it always seemed a bit lacking in the G headphones line. Despite being good enough, there weren’t much options to choose from or anything that stands out. Now with ASTRO talents in its labs we can expect a better gaming headsets line with top quality sound using experiences of the previously Skullcandy-owned company.

Acquisition of ASTRO gives more benefits than just audio products, as the US-based gaming company produced accessories like bags, hats, jackets and more. ASTRO Gaming on the other hand is going to enjoy the technology provided by Logitech to further develop its products and expand globally, in contrast of being US-only like it always was.

The deal is said to conclude by August and it’s costing Logitech a price of $85 million dollars. ASTRO Gaming will leave Skullcandy, which it had stayed with for the past six years, and move under the roof of Logitech. This isn’t the first acquisition deal Logitech makes in a long time either, as the company recently purchased British-based joysticks manufacturer Saitek last year, which used to make accessories for Mad Catz before the later announced its bankruptcy and officially closed its doors.

So the question remains whether or not we will be seeing products with Logitech and ASTRO Gaming logos anytime soon. The answer should come soon if Logitech wants to benefit from having a name like ASTRO on board. The company also has some marketing to do as it starts selling ASTRO products in the EU and Asia, two markets it never tapped into before.

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