IFI Audio Pro iDSD Premium DAC

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The Pro iDSD is currently iFi-Audio’s Flagship DAC and Headphone AMP that is packed by features. It uses a Quad stack of the iFi Bit-Perfect DSD and DXD DAC by Burr-Brown in a custom interleaved configuration. This enables eight pairs of differential signals to be used and mixed. This totals to four pairs of signals per channel. All the digital processing done by the iDSD Pro is Bit-Perfect without employing Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter. The device supports USB 3.0 and is galvanically-isolated as well as all the inputs that are found in the Pro iDSD. The USB Input itself is self-powered and does not draw power from the USB bus making it resistant to after-market add-ons or tuning accessories. In addition to traditional inputs, the Pro iDSD features WiFi/network playback, and MQA decoding onboard for the maximum quality of playback via MQA music files or streaming.

The Pro iDSD is equipped with the new XMOS XU216 X-Core 200 Series with 16 core processor. This is capable of decoding signals from USB up to 768kHz/DSD512, S/PDIF up to 192kHz/24bit and WiFi/Network up to 192kHz/32bit. iFi-Audio has given users the option to select Tube or Solid-State option much like in the well known Pro iCAN.

  • Quad-Core Burr Brown Hybrid DAC
  • DSD1024 and PCM768kHz support
  • Studio grade DSD 1024 remastering
  • Global Master Timing® master clock
  • Studio DSD Remastering
  • WiFi/network playback
  • MQA Decoding onboard
  • Full Galvanic Isolation
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
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Technical Specification

  • Type: Premium DAC/AMP
  • DAC chip: Quad-Core Burr Brown hybrid
  • Sample rates: PCM 768kHz/ DSD 49.152MHz (DSD1024x/ DXD)
  • Inputs: USB, AES3 (XLR), SPDIF, BNC
  • Gain: user-selectable 0dB, 9dB, 18dB
  • Dynamic Range: 119dBA
  • Output power: (16ohms balanced/single-ended): >4000mW
  • Output voltage: (600ohms, balanced/single-ended): > 11.2V
  • Power consumption: < 22W idle, 50W max
  • Dimensions: 213 x 220 x 63.3mm
  • Weight: 1980g
  • Warranty: 1 year

What Is In The Box

  • Pro iDSD
  • iPower+
  • Power Cable
  • USB Cable
  • RCA Cable
  • Remote Control
  • Optical Adapter
  • WiFi Antenna
  • Plastic Tool


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