OPPO UDP-205 Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player

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Delivering the ultimate in sound and vision, the Oppo UDP205 is the perfect match for the finest TVs and projectors in the world.

The ultimate processing power

Oppo have once again teamed up with MediaTek to produce a chip capable of class-leading processing power. The quad-core OP8591 processor offers the most advanced image decoding and processing technology currently available for UHD Blu-ray players. This not only means you get the finest picture quality but also widespread compatibility with the latest formats, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Sound fit for an audiophile
The UDP-205 also offers a significant upgrade in sound over its smaller UDP-203 brother. At its heart are reference quality ESS Sabre 32, ES9038PRO DACs. These twin DACs provide a new standard in audio excellence, with a phenomenal dynamic range of 140 dB. Whether it’s a fast-moving soundtrack or full orchestra, the UHD-205 has the power to make it feel ‘real’.

High Resolution Sound
The UDP-205’s top quality audio performance is further complemented by its support of lossless, high resolution audio. The player decodes audio file formats such as AIFF, WAV, ALAC, APE and FLAC. It also directly plays Direct-Stream Digital (DSD) audio files in stereo or multi-channel, making this a highly flexible playback device for your hi-res music files.

Studio-quality construction
When it comes to build quality, Oppo have thrown the works at their reference model. The double layer chassis, with vibration resistant reinforcement means that distortion levels are kept to a minimum. Inside the player the reference quality electronics are powered by a substantial toroidal transformer. More usually found in high-end amplifiers, this power supply provides clean and stable power to the circuits, giving the highest levels of detail. By providing separate power supplies to digital and analogue circuits, interference between the two is virtually eliminated.

Universal disc playback
Ideal for both the music lover and film buff alike, the Oppo UDP-205 plays back a massive range of disc formats. As well as UHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray (including 3D), DVD and CD it will also play SACD and DVD-Audio discs, making it a truly universal player.

Class-leading connectivity
Whatever the source, you can output the sound pretty much any way that’s possible. Options include HDMI audio, 7.1 channel RCA, digital optical/coaxial or two-channel via XLR balanced or RCA phono, making it ideal for all types of AV receivers and amps. The XLR balanced connections, in particular, make this player perfect as the source in an elite set-up.

Flexible HDMI connectivity
The flexibility continues with HDMI. A second, audio only, HDMI output gives you the chance to enjoy UHD picture quality while also using an older, incompatible, AV receiver. Simply connect your TV to the main HDMI and AVR to the secondary output. There's also an HDMI input. This HDMI 2.0 standard input lets you loop through other 4K sources, such as a games console or set-top box - ideal when the TV only has a single compatible HDMI input!

Quad USB sockets
The mastery of connectivity continues with no fewer than four USB sockets. At the front of the player there's a USB 2.0 socket that's perfect for connecting USB memory stick. For plug-and-play audio and video you can't get easier than this. At the back are twin USB 3.0 sockets. These are ideal for more permanent connections, such as an HDD (Hard Disc Dive) up to 16TB for streaming media.

Use as a top quality DAC
The fourth USB input is an asynchronous Type-B. Along with coaxial and optical digital inputs, this gives you access to the ESS DAC from your other digital sources. Connect a PC or laptop to the USB to hear your stored music and videos like you’ve never heard them before. You can also hook up a compatible set-top box or games console for truly dynamic sound.

Dedicated headphone amplifier
Not content with ‘just’ being a world-class universal UHD Blu-ray player and DAC, the UDP-205 also boasts a top quality headphone amp. This dedicated design comes from a company highly renowned for both their headphones and headphone amps. With a high current output, it’s capable of driving even the toughest, studio designs, giving rich, life-like sound quality.

Network equipped
With built-in Wi-Fi it's easy to connect the Oppo to your wireless network. If you prefer a wired connection, an Ethernet LAN connection is also standard. Thanks to DLNA compatibility it's also easy to link up to any PCs, laptops or NAS drive units on your network and stream audio, video or photo content.

Much more than just a reference quality UH Blu-ray player, the Oppo UDP-205 boosts the sound of your other digital sources and even your headphones, to a new level of excellence.                             

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Technical Specification

Blu-ray Player Yes
Dimensions WxDxH 430 x 311 x 123
Dimensions WxHxD (mm) 430 x 311 x 123
DLNA Compliant Yes
Dolby Vision yes
Full Web Browser No
4K Upscaling yes
Power Consumption- Normal Use 65
Power Consumption - Standby 0.5
Remote Control Yes
Smart Phone Remote No
UHD Blu-ray yes
Web Applications No
Weight (KG) 10
Wireless Connection Yes
Brand Oppo
Colour Black
Weight: 13 Kg

What Is In The Box

Oppo 205 Player


Manufacture Description

Reference Quality 4K Ultra HD Audiophile Blu-ray Disc Player
Drawing from over a decade's worth of experience in advanced image processing technology and high fidelity audio performance, the UDP-205 is the perfect choice for discerning enthusiasts. The UDP-205 provides reference level sound quality through the analog outputs, improves the clock precision of the HDMI audio output, and increases the power of the built-in headphone amplifier. For the analog output stages, the UDP-205 utilizes two ES9038PRO DACs, which are the flagship of the ESS Sabre Pro series, delivering best-in-class audio performance.
SABRE PRO Digital-to-Analog Converters
Top of the Line Performance
OPPO UDP-205 is equipped with two ESS Technology ES9038PRO 32-bit HyperStream DACs for both stereo and 7.1 channel analog audio. As the flagship of the ESS SABRE PRO series, the ES9038PRO sets a new benchmark for audio excellence with its best in class 140 dB of dynamic range.       
HDMI Audio Jitter Reduction
The UDP-205 features a high-stability, high-precision HDMI clock and a special HDMI audio jitter reduction circuit. This unique design significantly reduces jitter and eliminates timing errors, allowing you to enjoy your music with increased accuracy when you use the audio-only HDMI output port for connecting the audio signal.
Asynchronous USB DAC and Coaxial/Optical Inputs
An asynchronous USB DAC input supports sample rates up to 768 kHz PCM and DSD 512. For additional convenience and flexibility, the UDP-205 can convert digital signals from cable and satellite boxes, televisions, video game consoles and other digital transports with coaxial and optical digital outputs to analog.
Dedicated Stereo Output with XLR Balanced Connectors
The stereo output section offers both XLR balanced and RCA single-ended connectors. By transmitting a pair of differential signals, the balanced output provides better common-mode noise rejection and improves signal quality.       

4K UHD Blu-ray and Media Playback
The UDP-205 is capable of playing the new 4K UHD Blu-ray discs as well as 4K media files. Support for decoding the HEVC, H.264, VP9 4K, and Hi10P video codecs provides increased compatibility with user generated media.       

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