Soundbrenner Pulse Wearable Silent Metronome

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The Soundbrenner Pulse is simply the first wearable metronome device that uses vibrations instead of clicks or sounds. It produces vibrations 7 times more powerful than smartphones making sure that musicians will not skip a beat. It is completely silent to help users focus on the music more without any annoying clicks. It can be worn in the wrist, ankle, arm, chest and anywhere the user desires.  Its features include Tap in Tempo that allows user to tap the device and it will follow the speed of the taps. Users can also turn the outer wheel to adjust tempo or set the wheel up to switch between songs in the library created. The device can pair and synchronise up to 5 devices making the whole band in time with the beat.

  • RGB LED lights
  • Strong vibrations
  • Silent Metronome
  • Tap in tempo
  • Multi-player synchronisation
  • Bluetooth enabled
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Technical Specification

  • Type: Silent Metronome
  • Body: 4.5cm, black casing
  • Motor: ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) Motor; rated 7G
  • Charging station: Micro USB; magnetic clip
  • Compatibility: iOS, Android, Mac
  • Warranty: 1 year

What Is In The Box

  • Soundbrenner Pulse
  • Short band
  • Long band
  • Magnetic charging station
  • USB charging cable


Manufacture Description

Experience a new way of rhythm practice

Finally, a metronome that you’ll actually love using! The Soundbrenner Pulse is the metronome for the 21st century – wearable, intelligent, and powered by vibrations.

It becomes even more powerful when combined with The Metronome by Soundbrenner, our popular mobile app available for iOS and Android. Using the app, you can create and save complex rhythms, organize them into setlists, and even choose custom vibrations and LED colors.

Don’t Hear it. Feel it.

You no longer have to listen to annoying audio clicks. Experience amazingly accurate haptic feedback in the form of strong, distinct vibrations that are easily felt against your skin.

Simple and Intuitive. Adjust your beat.

Twist the wheel or triple tap to set the tempo to your liking. Yes, it’s that simple.

Explore limitless customisation and feel the beat together with your friends.

Multi-player Synchronisation

Each Soundbrenner Pulse comes with two bands. Depending on your instrument and preference you can try out at home which location you prefer and comfortably switch out the bands.

Powerful Customisation

Our free companion app is the most advanced, intuitive and customisable app on the market. It enables you to create and save any rhythm, change the time signature, choose a subdivision and much more.

Wear it Anywhere

To help bands and orchestras play with rock-solid precision, we’ve enabled Multi-Player Synchronisation. Connect up to 5 Soundbrenner Pulse to one smartphone which serves as a master to all devices. In a matter of seconds you can play together, feeling the rhythm in perfect synchronisation.

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