1. The Amazon Echo showcased what a smart speaker can and it was one of the company’s top rated devices. The Amazon Echo Dot is the less expensive version of the full-sized Echo.

2. It removes some features, but it’s speech recognition ability is actually better than the Echo’s. But does it stack up to the original (and at times the best) Echo? Let’s have a look.

3. The Amazon Echo Dot looks like it has been sliced from the top of the original Amazon Echo. It’s smaller and much more compact, making it easier to place anywhere. The rotating volume ring on top is gone and now houses four buttons that control the volume, mute and action functions.

4. The Amazon Echo Dot has a 3.5 mm audio jack so you can easily connect it to your own external speakers. The Dot also retains that same seven microphones found on the original Echo so it is still capable of recognizing your voice from any point in the room.

5. The rear of the device uses a micro USB port for plugging in the device, a welcome change compared to the proprietary connector used in the original Echo. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also present.

6. The Alexa app is also needed to setup the device. If you have multiple speakers in your house, the app lets you configure them without any hassles.

7. Alexa is still the star of the Amazon Echo Dot, and just like the original, various skills are preloaded on the device with a plethora of new ones being added.

8. The Amazon Echo Dot didn’t have any problems recognizing my voice thanks to its microphone array. The only problem is that when another Echo speaker is present in the room, both speakers usually try to respond to your ‘Alexa’ commands.

9. But if its strengths are in its microphones, the sound output on the Amazon Echo Dot isn’t really something to be proud of. Granted that it’s a smaller speaker so sound quality wouldn’t be one of its top features.

10. That being said, the addition of the 3.5 mm jack easily lets you enjoy your tunes on better speakers.

11. The Amazon Echo Dot is small, compact and inexpensive. if you want a cheaper way for you to enjoy the world of IoT (Internet of Things), then the Amazon Echo Dot is a good choice.


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