Latest Apple TV investment sees $1 billion dollars put into making original content

Apple TV

It’s no secret that Apple really wants to get into the TV entertainment show business with the likes of Amazon and Netflix, but despite releasing few of its original content none of that had any success really. This is bound to change, as the richest company in the world is making a big investment in making more original TV shows under its sleeves.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Apple is reportedly trying to get around 10 original high quality shows with a $1 billion dollars investment to match the quality of those produced by the likes of HBO network, examples being House of Cards and Game of Thrones.

Apple’s previous strategy in renting movies and shows through iTunes wasn’t all that successful, and it’s been diving head-first after 2012 with a decrease from %50 to less than %35 of the overall movies renting-and-sales market.

Despite looking like a huge investment, Apple’s $1 billion pales in comparison to HBO with its $6 billions this year and Amazon’s $4 billions. However, it’s still a courageous start in this crowded market.

The mega US company had previously released two original TV shows called Planet of the Apps and Carpook Karaoke, but as you might’ve guessed they didn’t really see the desired success. Looking back at Netflix, it was all thanks to great shows like House of Cards that the network is worth what it is now, so maybe Apple really needs its own hit after all. Will it succeed in attracting the necessary talents to produce such thing? That’s what we will be knowing soon.

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