Baidu smart speakers are strong and independent and don’t need neither Google’s or amazons’s help

Baidu Smart Speakers

Looks like we’re going to see more Baidu smart speakers from now on, as the Chinese giant released three new smart speakers at CES 2018, those mentioned don’t use Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa to operate despite other smart speakers that couldn’t do without. The three smart speakers work on DuerOS, the OS released by Baidu last November.

The Little Fish VS1 Baidu smart speakers:

If Amazon Show And Google Home had a son, it’d probably look much like the Little Fish VS1. The design lines used are pretty much the same as the ones used in the Google Home smart speakers, also, the touch display on top of the fabric covered speakers resembles much to the Amazon Show.

Little Fish vs1 baidu smart speakersYou can get this smart speakers to do a lot of things using voice commands, you can also use the screen to view the weather forecast and daily news, the device offers facial recognition technology, which can’t be much better than the voice recognition technology used in previous smart speakers from Baidu.

Anyhow, you can’t expect much integration with famous services used outside China as the speakers is mainly made for the Chinese market, so no YouTube support probably. But on the other side, you can get this speaker in Red, Greenish, Black, or white, which is way more important than YouTube support.

This speaker will be hitting the Chinese market later this March, but there’s no info about the US release date, or if Baidu is actually planning to release it internationally.

The Sengled smart lamp:

It’s basically a smart speaker with a lamp over it. You can ask it to do almost anything any other smart speaker can do, plus the ability to control the light brightness and color. no info was given on the pricing of this smart lamp of the release date, but it may be released around the same time as the Little Fish.

The PopIn Aladdin multi-purpose Baidu smart speakers:

This ceiling mounted speaker/projector/lamp is one marvelous tool to be honest. We’ve seen smart speakers mounted in ceilings this year in CES and one of them had a smoke alarm from First Alert, we also seen a smart projector that had Alexa support From Optoma, but a ceiling speaker that listens to voice commands, lights up your room, and projects visuals to your wall is one great tool to have.

Baidu does say the PopIn Aladdin is more for the smaller rooms, so you’d expect it not being very useful in bigger spaces, but if you live in a small apartment, this thing will save you a lot of space and effort, just put it there and that’s it.

This one is making debut in Japan later this June, but no other info were shared form Baidu about the pricing, an international release, or anything else actually.

Tune in with us for more CES 2018 news and updates, as we’ll be covering all kinds of audio related news from there.


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