Alexa support is coming to Jabra’s Third-Gen wireless headphones

jabra third gen wireless headphones with alexa support

Jabra announced three new wireless headphones at CES this year, the third generation of wireless headphones the company has announced comes with Amazon’s Alexa support and costs much less than the previous gen. There’s the Elite 65t wireless headphones, the Elite Active 65t that’s aimed for sport fanatics and active users, and the Elite 45e wireless headphones with an around-the-neck band design.

Jabra’s Elite 45e and the cheapest Alexa Support:

As Jabra themselves like to put it, these headphones are “Engineered for the best voice and music experience” with a lightweight design and a memory-wire around-the-neck band that keeps them in check, these earphones will have Alexa support and will be available later this April at 100$.

Jabra’s Elite 65t:

Offering a “truly wireless” design compared to the banded Elite 45e, these headphones also support One-touch access to many virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, it Also offers standalone support for Amazon Alexa and gives up to 5 hours of battery time on a single charge. The cradle pumps those up by 10 hours.

These wireless headphones will be available later this month priced at 170$.

Jabra’s Elite 65t Active:

These headphones come with IP56 certification, offering a water and dust proof design with more Gripper material and accelerometer support alongside all the other stuff the Elite 65t comes with, like Alexa support or the one-touch access to other virtual assistants. These headphones will be released later this April priced at an amazing 190$ compared to the original Elite Sport that was priced at 250$.

There isn’t really much information about the technical side of these headphones but we can have high hopes considering this is Jabra we’re talking about here. It’s also announced that Jabra’s Sound+ application will be compatible with these headphones giving access to Alexa commands and other sound customization properties.

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Tune in with us for more CES 2018 news and updates, we’ll be covering all kinds of audio related news from there.

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