FL Studio, one of the most popular music production programs in the past two decades, is adding several new features as per request of the loyal users. The new 20.1.1 update includes different workflow options, direct track recording and many more, as well as the return of the Stepsequencer looping feature that was gone for a while. All the updates will be free as FL Studio keeps up its Lifetime Free Updates policy onwards.

Playlist Track Mode: projects are now easier to carry out as it is possible to group Channel Instrument, Playlist Track, and Mixer track. Furthermore, instruments or effects, as well as audio files, can be placed on the Playlist Track header for easier access. The names, colors, and icons for members can be modified as well.

Resetting unused Playlist track: any unused Playlist track can now be reset to the default settings including color, icons, and name. The way to do this is through tools>macros>resent empty playlist tracks.

Improved Audio Recording: Playlist tracks can now be linked to Mixer tracks and their input which means the audio will be recorded to a specific previously selected Playlist Track. Any additional recordings are added as sub-tracks. Input Mixer Tracks also shows the state through an orange fader.

Pre/Post Effects Recording: the pre/post FX recording can now be accessed through the Input Menu icon.

Stepsequencer Channel Looping: looping feature from FL Studio 11 is back with new advanced options, now allowing control of per-Pattern, per-Channel looping, as well as loop-length for the polyrhythmic patterns. This feature will help out by making up the differences in cases of channels in the same pattern but with shorter lengths.

Stepsequencer: The previous step count which was 64 is now increased to the maximum 512 steps.

Swing Mix: it allows users to set control values simultaneously for one or more selected channels for any value. The way to perform this action is by selecting a wanted channel and going through Channel rack menu>set swing mix for selected, and choosing a point between 0 and 100%.

Show complete piano roll preview: instead of just seeing the number of bars in the Stepsequencer, the whole notes in the pattern can be seen through this Channel Rack menu option

Channel Rack Close icon: instead of always clicking on the icon, there is now an option of using Esc key.

Plugin Window: it got a couple of small tweaks including the addition of Instrument and Effects plugins to switch to the Wrapper Settings, as well as the addition of Mix Level instead of the VOL knob on Wrapper Settings if the effects are being used.

Sampler Channels & Audio Clips: If Mode is sent to a real-time algorithm, either Resample or Stretch, Time knob is automatable

General settings: even general settings got a small upgrade as there is now the “check for updates” option.

Mono export: it serves for exporting mono audio files.

CPU & Memory Panel: an option to see the FL Studio GUI frame rate through View FPS.

Project Information: more detailed and extended statistics about the projects can now be found at the bottom of the panel.

Minimal Kick: Minimal Kick can be adjusted to up to 55 through browser>packs>drums>kicks>minimal kick 01 to 55

ZGameEditor Visualizer: it is a visualization effect plugin based on ZGameEditor. It helps create visualization objects for the plug with movie render capabilities.

Akai FL Studio FIRE: adding to the Stepsequencer looping, it provides certain enhancements such as the setting channel loop length and burns to Pattern.

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