Ikea, the most popular furniture company in the world is partnering with Sonos for a set of products that includes a bookshelf speaker among other products.

The two companies already showed a prototype of the IKEA Symfonisk speaker last year. But now the company has set the date to reveal its first Sonos powered speaker which will be on the 9th of April in Milan, Italy and will go on sale later in August.

“IKEA has democratized light in the home for years – with the connected smart lighting system TRÅDFRI as the latest addition. Now, setting out to also make high-quality sound available for everyone, IKEA and Sonos will present the first products in the SYMFONISK range – in the FEEL HOME exhibition in Milan.” IKEA says in a press release.

IKEA also posted a teaser, showing two different speakers (or maybe it’s the same speaker in two different places). Both items in the video are pixelated, so we won’t know how many speakers until the official release next month.

What we know for sure is that what we will see in Milan will be the start of a long series of IKEA-Sonos speakers, just like we’ve seen with IKEA TRÅDFRI low-priced smart lights, dimmers, switches, and, soon, controllers for electric blinds.

“IKEA and Sonos have shown a prototype to the world, a bookshelf speaker that will give customers a great connected speaker that enables a multi-functional usage in the home, at an affordable price. During the week you will for the first time get the chance to hear SYMFONISK” said IKEA.

Sonos said that the new IKEA speakers will integrate with the existing range of Sonos speakers, alongside IKEA’s TRÅDFRI collection of smart devices.

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