RODECaster Pro is a podcast production studio created by RODE Microphones intended for use by both beginners as well as more professional podcasters. With amazing features designed specifically for the purpose of podcast production, interviews, phone calls, and music can be simply integrated into your podcast without the need for more additional, expensive equipment and complicated post-production editing.

The RODECaster Pro is a standalone unit meaning that it can be set up and working within minutes. It offers two options for recording, first being directly to a microSD card, while the second option includes USB connection with a computer allowing the users to record the audio directly to a previously installed recording software.

rodecaster pro connectivity

This RODE podcasting studio features multistage dynamics including noise-gating function that can be easily accessed through the touch screen and reduce the unwanted background noise when recording the podcast. Besides the noise gating, there are other functions such as limiting, compression, etc. Furthermore, the APHEX processors Aural Exciter and Big Bottom are incorporated to create a more rich sound with warmer tones.

As podcasts may involve a guest or a caller that is not directly at the spot of recording, RODECaster Pro allows connecting smartphone to the device through which you can conduct a phone call interview.You can either do this through TRRS cable, or simply using Bluetooth connectivity and pairing the phone, or a computer, with the studio. There is also no need for additional hardware as the device itself decreases echo providing more clear sound.

The components used are those usually present in more high-end consoles. The preamplifiers and outputs have a high-end circuitry and the preamp keeps the distortion level very low. Combined with equally as qualified outputs, RODECaster gives off a clean, low-noise signal.

The sound effects pads on the right side of the dashboard can be personalised and programmed to suit each podcast. With a click, any sound effect, song, jingle, ad or even applause can be added instantly to the podcast to the 512MB of internal memory devoted for this. Any sound effect can be either added through a computer, or the audio can be recorded directly to the RODECaster Pro. To make it easier to remember, colors of each pad can be personalised too, as well as the reaction of each pad to the touch.

rodecaster pro soundpads

Besides the appealing features, the housing of the RODECaster Pro seems thought through as well. Next to the sound effects pads that we previously mentioned, the device has a big red record button, 5 knobs and 8 faders. Not to forget the touch screen for additional controls over the podcast. Due to such a simple structure, RODECaster is very simple to master even for those that are making their first podcast.

Recording of the podcast with such sound is as simple as it can get. Thanks to the 4 high-end microphone channels, both studio condenser and conventional dynamic microphones are compatible with the RODECaster Pro. When connected, the microphone is set at automatic level setting and the only thing left is to simply choose micro SD card recording, and the podcast can start.

Anyone with an idea worth sharing can get this podcast production studio RODECaster Pro for $600 as it is available now.

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