Ten Lite smartphone Games to spend your spare time on

smartphone lite games

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Sometimes you feel like spending some of your spare time on games, but at the same time, you don’t want to get attached to a game that needs a lot of time and commitment. In this article, we will a few lite, simple games to play in your free time without being worried about getting addicted.

1.Strange Adventure

Strange Adventure Mobile Game
Strange Adventure

Strange Adventure is a game specifically designed to test your patience, and to teach you how to think outside-the-box but in the “hard way” because any simple, or easy way will lead to the death of the character. And with every failed attempt, the game will lower your IQ counter by 50 which provokes you and make you feel humiliated sometimes.

The game is inspired from Super Mario and there is a lot of similarities between the two games in the visuals and the storyline, your goal is to pass all the obstacles to get to the princess and save her. It might sound really annoying and irritating but trust me, it is so funny, especially if you have a sharp sense of humor.

2. 2Cars       

2Cars game

In case you are a “Hard records” games fan, like “Flappy Bird” and other games, and if you like listening to music while playing, then you will Ketchapp game 2Cars. In this game, the screen will split into two parts, each part includes two tracks and a car, all that you have to do is to catch the circles and avoid the squares. Sounds easy? Don’t rush things, try it, and don’t drink and drive.


Minesweeper android
Minesweeper, Android version

Yes, you didn’t misread the word, Minesweeper, the game that you spent your childhood trying to avoid learning it, is one of the coolest riddles game ever. The idea is really simple, each number represent the number of the mines in the 8 neighboring squares, think about it and you will be able to figure out which one is a mine and which one is not, put a flag on the mine and open other squares peacefully.

Keep going until you finish the pad, once you’re done, you will feel like you just defeated all your childhood fears, and now you can continue your life in peace.

4. Fancy Pants Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventures
Fancy Pants Man

If you are one of Stickman drawings and games fans, then this game will provide you with a good adventure. The game includes a lot of jumping, running, searching, and fighting against spiders, snails, and armed mice. The movement in the game is smooth, and the character’s name “as you can see in the picture” is Fancy Pants Man. The game is quite entertaining, download it and start playing.

5.Paper Toss

Paper Toss
Paper Toss

Let’s be honest, all of us have tried to make paper balls and throw it in the trash bin trying to score a goal, and most of us would give up once we have to go get the balls and start all over again. Designed by Backflip Studios, this game will provide you with an unlimited source of paper balls, all that you have to do is to try to score.

And to take the challenge to a new level, you will face the wind problem, where you have to consider the wind direction, and speed when you try to score. Playing environments varies from your Boss’s office, your own office, to the warehouse.

6. Tank Hero

Tank Hero
Tank Hero

War games fans, it’s your turn. This game will be like a snack of war games. You will find yourself in a war field with a bunch of the enemy’s tanks, and some barriers, your mission is to avoid them and try to take them down, one after another.

The game has a lot of moods, and each one of them has a lot of levels that you have to pass. There is a survival mood where you have to stand still against all unlimited waves of tanks as long as your skills allow you to.

7. Zombie Tsunami

simple games to play in your free time
Zombie Tsunami

You start the game as a single zombie running in the streets in LA, then you will start to invade the whole world by affecting people who get in your way. The game starts to be more interesting when you get to 40 zombies or even more.

There are a lot of boxes that will provide your army with special effects, for example, they will turn into ninjas or maybe football players. Try not to lose the whole army in one gap, you will feel really sorry after this.

8. Duet

Duet smartphone game

Warning: this game is not intended for those with limited patience.

Two balls on two sides of a circle’s radius, turning around in the same direction which you decide by touching the two sides of the screen. With this movement, you have to avoid all the geometric shapes falling from above. You need some practice before mastering the game. Please pay attention to the background, this damn background will be the reason you lose a lot of times.  

9. Roll The Ball

 Roll The Ball game
Roll The Ball

This game is one of the most famous riddles games. You have a scattered track divided into squares, you have to rearrange those squares in order to roll the ball to the red square which represents the end of the track. My advice is to listen to some music with this kind of games, it will help you to concentrate, and pass the levels way faster.

10. Physics Drop

Physics Drop game
Physics Drop

In this game, you need to do some simple orders, like moving the red dot to someplace. By using a pen, you will draw lines and dots that get affected by gravity and physics laws. You can play this game alone because you need to concentrate on it. But if you play it with others, you will get tons of creative suggestions. It’s your choice, alone or with others.

All games are available on both App store and Google play store.

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