Using Routines function in Alexa

Amazon has manufactured Amazon Echo devices, powered by the Amazon Alexa personal assistant, to compete with its first competitor in the Google Home smart speakers produced by Google with its Google Assistant. This feature was launched under the name Routines, a feature that enables you to record a set of tasks that are started simultaneously or at the same time after being recorded and saved when a particular word is said to be linked to them.

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This feature works on all devices supported by the Alexa personal assistant, Echo, Echo Dot, and others. Google has launched a competitive feature over the past few days, enabling you to perform two tasks at once, with news that Google is launching a similar feature for the Routines feature soon.

In this article I will present how to use the Routines feature and save and execute tasks through the Alexa profile, follow the following lines.

Using Routines function in Alexa

First, open the Alexa app on your mobile phone, whether on Android or iOS.

Then, click the side menu button which is three horizontal lines at the top left of the screen and then choose Routines.

Then, click Create Routine to start a new Routine.

Using Alexa function in AlexaYou need to select “When This Happens.” Ie when these tasks are performed.

Using Alexa function in AlexaWhen you enter this option, you have two options, the first is to start the tasks that will be determined when you say a particular phrase, or execute it at a certain time.

Using Alexa function in AlexaIf you choose the sentence, the application will ask you to say the specific sentence that the task will begin to execute when you say it such as:

"Alexa, Good Morning."

Using Alexa function in AlexaIf the time is chosen and what we will do in this description, it will ask you at the beginning about when you want to perform these tasks.

Using Alexa function in AlexaAfter you have set the task execution time, choose how you want to repeat if you want to perform these tasks daily, weekly, or on weekends only. The application will then ask you to confirm these entries.

Using Alexa function in AlexaAfter you have determined the time or how the assistant will begin performing these tasks, click the + symbol to start adding tasks.

Using Alexa function in AlexaChoose the tasks you want the Alexa Assistant to do. These tasks range from reading weather news or news in general or traffic, and running a home-based Smart Assistant device.

RoutinesSelect the task you want to complete or the device you want to control, and in the second case, you have to choose what the device will do, such as to turn it on or off.

Then click Add to add it to your Routine.

The app will then bring you back to the home page and show you the routine you’ve done with the option to add other tasks to it or add another new Routine in the same way.

Using Alexa function in AlexaCheck out the article on how to use the Routines feature that is available to users of the Alexa Personal Assistant.

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