The best tips on how to clean headphones and earbuds

how to clean headphones cover

Everyone who ever got a new pair of headphones knows that, after a couple of weeks of taking care of them and keeping track where you put them, you just simply forgot that they are indeed part of your everyday life and can and will get dirty with time. In order to prolong their lifetime, you need to take care of them, meaning you will need to clean them from all the residues and dust. So, follow along as we explain to you what is the best way how to clean headphones and earbuds.

How to clean headphones with over the ear pads?

It will be just enough if you clean the headphone ear pads once a week and not more than that as they are not directly put in your ear so they will get dirty a bit slower. The best answer to how to clean headphones is to make a mixture of warm water and a bit of soap and prepare a soft cloth. Make sure the cloth is not too wet as water might seep into the headphones and damage them, especially if they have a very low waterproof rating. Wipe the ear pads and then use a soft dry cloth to immediately dry them. Do not use alcohol in this case as there is a big change you might damage the headphones material, especially if it is leather. In this case, make sure you use a leather cleaner that will clean the material while leaving it with a natural shine.

How to clean in-ear headphones and earbuds?

When it comes to ear tips, you can take the silicone ones and rinse them in warm soapy water, after which they should completely dry before putting them back on. Be careful, you cannot wash the foam ear tips with anything besides the water, especially not alcohol as it will dissolve them. Take a cloth dampened slightly with warm water and wipe them, making sure you leave them at least overnight to dry completely as they will take more time than the silicone ear tips.

Talking about cleaning the inside of the earbuds, it contains wax and dust so it might be a bit more complicated. In some cases, high-end earbuds come with a cleaning tool that is designed for removing wax so that will make it convenient for you to use. If you don’t have it, try to find it online as it is very useful for maintenance of your earbuds, or you can use a soft toothbrush as well. Take the tool and gently take the earwax out, making sure not to push it too deep as it can damage the earbuds and the inside components. Following, use a bit of warm soapy water and a slightly damp cloth to wipe them and then dry them.

How to take care of workout headphones?

Even though workout headphones and earbuds often have at least IPX rating that involves sweatproof and waterproof, you still need to pay attention to how you keep them and clean them. Preferably, you should clean them after each workout, but even more importantly, make sure the device is completely dry after the training before you put it to charge. Additionally, do not store them your earphones in the pockets of your shorts as they are more prone there to be affected by sweat and will not be able to dry properly, water might get inside over time and damage them.

How to store your headphones properly?

In order to avoid cleaning them 10 times per day, it is so important that you keep them dry and safe. Usually, headphones and earphones come in either a protective or a charging case. If you have a charging case, then make sure they are completely dry before storing them as the water might damage them. In case you have the protective case, they will be safe from dust and impact, but also from ventilating, so keep them dry. Keep in mind that wireless headphones and earbuds have a battery that is stored in very cold or hot environments, will have its life shortened.

More useful tips on how to clean headphones 

Make sure not they are unplugged from any devices or charging.

Turn them off completely before getting them in contact with water.

Do not fully submerge your earphones in water.

Do not use a hair dryer to make the process go faster as the device might corrode and get damaged.

Replace the tips every once in a while, especially the foam ones.

Do not try to disassemble your device in order to clean it better more than it allows you in the instructions.


Now you know how to clean headphones and keep them safe. Remember, keeping your headphones and earbuds clean will make them last longer and work better. Keep them in a dry and safe place such as a carrying pouch and clean them at least once a week.

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