When the Nuraphones were first announced back in 2017 they had this new adaptive noise technology. A pair of over-ear headphones from the outside with in-ear earbuds that goes into your ears to deliver a unique hearing experience. Today at CES 2019, Nura is back with a new pair of headphones. The NuraLoop is the company’s new product, putting the same technology into a pair of in-ear headphones.

The new earphones are very similar to the original Nuraphones. The difference here is that they have lost the ear cups which makes sense because the earbuds were doing most of the work in the Nuraphones, with the ear cups covering them and canceling more noise.

Just like the older model, you have to use the app to set up the NuraLoop. The app will take a digital image of your unique hearing profile and tweak the sound accordingly. Although the process is the same more or less, you will still need to do it again on the new earphones.

NuraLoopThere will be two models of the new earphones, a wired, and a wireless pair that should have an exceptional battery life according to the company. Both of the models will have a touch sensor on the outside of the buds in order to interact with them.

The new earphones will start shipping later in May, but we will be seeing some prototypes during CES later this week. The price will be around $200.

That’s all what we have right now on the new NuraLoop earphones. Stay tuned for more news on CES 2019.  

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