Samsung’s S8 and Note 8 devices now come with wireless AKG headphones

Samsung AKG promo

Samsung’s S8 and Note 8 devices are one of the best out in the market at the moment, plus, not like many other phones, they come with some really good pair of headphones. The 3.5mm supporting AKG headphone that these phones used to come with is great, but Samsung want’s their buyers to get something even better; a pair of AKG’s wireless headphones.

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To be frank, the wired AKGs that originally came with the S8 and the Note 8 weren’t bad at all, but having wireless headphones is even better, especially if it were AKG’s Y50BT that are priced around 150$. This campaign that Samsung is carrying looks like a smart way to make people buy into their flagships, and you can get the perks of it if you get your device (Galaxy S8, S8+, S8 Active or Note 8) from Samsung’s online store.

AKG’s Y50BT offer up to 20 hours of battery time on a single charge, It’s easy to carry around and looks stylish making it perfect for use on the road. The Y50BT connects to your device using Bluetooth, and boasts a 40mm driver that gives high quality sound.

You can get this promo now if you order your phone from Samsung’s online store, and if you’re planning on getting one of these devices mentioned earlier, this would be a great time for you to get one.

The promo does not cover Sprint devices for some reason, but it’s available with all other editions.

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