N5005 In-Ears from AKG announced at CES 2018

AKG N5005

We’ve seen some interesting audio gadgets at CES this year, both Sennheiser and Jabra did a great job showing us stuff from different price categories, but AKG isn’t going to do that, AKG just announced one premium In-Ear Headphone, the N5005, which will cost 1000$. and nothing else.

There’s some other headphones that cost more than that, you’ll find stuff with a price tag of 3000$ even, but usually those aren’t In-Ears, but over-ears. But in the case of the N5005 there’s a bit of a reason behind this price, the sound quality and the provided accessories are both more than enough reasons for such a price.

With a hybrid of AKG’s One Dynamic and Quad BA drivers the N5005 give you Hi-Res certified audio quality with a five-way design promising “ultra-low distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs”. Interchangeable sound filters are not usually a thing to find with In-Ears but it’s different with the N5005 as they come with 4 interchangeable sound filters for bass boost, reference sound, semi-high boost, and high boost.

Coming with a scratch-resistant, high-gloss black design that’s both durable and comfortable, each N5005 comes with a unique serial number, engraved on a tiny puck inside the box.

AKG N5005

One other special thing about the N5005 is the massive number of out-of-the-box accessories that you can find, maybe enough accessories to never let you think ever again about buying anything for these In-Ears.

You can find 6 different types of eartips, one 3.5mm cable, one 2.5mm cable, one bluetooth adapter for wireless usage, 4 interchangeable sound filters, a case with tools for cleaning and maintaining the headphones, and some other stuff.

These Headphones will be available later this spring for purchase from AKG web-store and other retailers.

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We’ll be covering all kinds of audio related news from CES 2018 so make sure to tune in for more.


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