A few days separates us from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018), which is held every year for each of the largest Silicon Valley companies to present their new and what it wants the audience to wait and anticipate in the year the show is organized as it will be held in January to be the first technical conferences and exhibitions held every year.

In the following lines, let us know what is expected of the Silicon Valley giants according to forecasts, reports and advance announcements, but above all, let me introduce the CES.

Consumer Electronics Show- CES 2018

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an exhibition held in Las Vegas in January of every year, after its regular and annual appearance since 2002, and that’s after it was disbanded since 1993.

The exhibition was organized by the Consumer Technology Association. The first exhibition of the CES series was held in New York in June 1967 as a part of the Chicago Music Show until it became a separate exhibition. The event was then attended by 17,500 people. The exhibition was opened by Bob Galvin, president of Motorola at the time.

The show has ceased to be organized since 1993 when Mega Man X, which Capcom released in North America, and it has come back in 2002 when Microsoft announced the launch of Windows XP Media Center Edition.

After that, it was not organized in 2003 until it came back annually since 2004, when the first Blu-ray Disc was announced by Blu-ray Group.

When will the show be held?

  • Date: from the ninth of January until the twelfth of it

The CES 2018 Consumer Electronics Show will be held on January 9th and will last for three consecutive days to end on the 12th of the same month, with the knowledge that some companies are launching their promotions and announcements before the 9th of January, which means that you to follow all What is announced, you have to follow the web since January 7.

Where will the show be held?

  • Location: Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada

Every year, the venue is hosted at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, Florida, USA. Meetings and press conferences will start on January 8.

Our expectations for CES 2018

As I mentioned earlier, this exhibition is a field of competition between major Silicon Valley companies such as Samsung, Apple, LG, Google and others, each of which launches a range of new devices, technologies or services. Every year, competition between rival companies such as Samsung and Apple, but this year there is another side to this competition, Google with its Pixel phones, as well as between companies such as Microsoft and Sony in the field of games with the presence of course for Nintendo.

In the following lines, I will list the most important expectations for what will be announced during the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Google at CES 2018

Our expectations for CES 2018

At previous CES exhibitions, we used Google to be behind their physical arms like Samsung, Sony and other companies developing and launching Android phones developed by Google.

This year, it looks like we have heard about the eight suites at the Aria Hotel, as well as a large, separate shack in the outer Central Plaza at the Las Vegas Convention Center, which seems to have come not only for this purpose.

The move was expected after the company launched its range of phones and devices under the slogan Made by Google, which are the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones in addition to the recently announced smart speakers Google Home Mini and Google Home Max next to the virtual reality glasses expected Daydream View.

It’s also expected that a set of Chromebooks will be released to track the Google PixelBook series, but of course, if it is announced as a folding screen with the possibility of using it as a tablet, who knows!

The existence of Google will be also in other devices presented by Google Assistant, the personal assistant that’s expected to show up in many devices as an addition in 2018 versions beside other personal assistants like Amazon’s Alexa.

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Amazon at CES 2018

Our expectations for CES 2018It is not usual to hear Amazon’s name at the CES as it’s an online shopping company, but in recent years it has been different since it launched its personal assistant, Alexa, which has become available on many devices, which means that hearing its name is almost inevitable, this is if we do not see Amazon itself during the show to announce a new set of Amazon Echo devices or Amazon Fire devices.

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Samsung in CES

Samsung always has a great presence at CES even though it is not the best place to advertise mobile phones such as the MWC in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The company is expected to announce a range of smart devices such as smart washing machines, smart refrigerators, smart dishwashers and other devices that we may see during this conference.

Two years ago, the company launched the first Samsung Bendable TV, so the expectations are now hovering around the launch of a phone that many claim to be Samsung Galaxy X to be the first bendable phone but in my opinion that something like this deserves to exist In a conference on mobile phones but it may be just a hint as expected to happen with the Galaxy S9 also expected to display a few pictures during the conference with not sure if this is what will happen or we will need to wait until March to see the ninth version of Galaxy S phones. Next to what Evan Blass leaked in one of his reports that The design of the new phone will not be as innovative as that expected from the company.

According to some reports, the Galaxy A8, the lowest priced version of the Galaxy S8, is expected to be announced, especially after the company announced the Galaxy A3 in the last CES 2017.

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And according to other reports released by TweakTown, there is a possibility to launch Samsung’s giant television measuring 150 inches, but it will not be just a large-sized television, but it will contain for the first time MicroLED technology.

What we have learned about this technology is that it allows to increase the density of pixels in addition to reducing the consumption of energy and eliminate the burning points on the screen and other features carried by this technology for fans of the projectors.

There are also other possibilities for the company to launch one of its wearable devices, whether it is smart watches after joining with a group of watchmakers, or smart glasses alongside tablets and laptops.

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Our expectations for CES 2018A picture of a new Samsung smart speaker, like the Amazon Echo and Google Home controls, has leaked out of the house and is expected to be announced at the show.

The only confirmed thing until this moment from Samsung is its S-Ray Speakers which will let you hear the music alone without having to put headphones in your ears.

Sony at CES 2018

Our expectations for CES 2018It is becoming more familiar with Sony, whose focus and competition in the smart phone market is slowly being smaller to focus on the office and audio production lines such as the launch of new headsets, televisions and other projectors.

At 1:00 pm GMT on January 9th, Sony will show up with a Bravia T-shirt to announce a range of new OLED TVs as well as 4K HDR video monitors.

It is also possible, but only weakly, that the company is currently preparing the launch of the Xperia XZ Premium 2, which will attempt to attack the Samsung phone expected to be announced during the conference; Samsung Galaxy S9.

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LG at CES 2018

Our expectations for CES 2018
LG earned CES 2018 Innovation Awards in eight highly competitive categories: Video Dis-plays, Home Appliances, Wireless Handsets, Smart Home, Digital Imaging, Home Audio & Video Components, Computer Peripherals and Embedded Technologies. This marks the sixth consecutive year that LG OLED TVs, home appliances and flagship smartphones all have received CES Innovation Awards. (PRNewsfoto/LG Electronics USA)

LG will start showing on January 8th at 4 pm GMT. LG does not have a good reputation for pre-conference announcements. At CES 2017, it announced a number of devices before the show, which we expect to be next year.

It was confirmed by the company that it will launch a range of Gram laptops, smaller sizes and thinner edges as well as the possibility of continuing to work for one full day with a single charge.

Rumors have also been circulating that the company will launch a range of K-Class phones during the show as well as the launch of the upcoming G7 phone, which was previously reported.

In addition to this, the company has announced launching its first Smart TV with built-in Google Assistant instead of its ThinQ Personal Assistant, beside a range of big TVs.

Lenovo at CES 2018

Lenovo will appear on January 9 at 11pm Abu Dhabi time with a slogan that summarizes what it’s going to launch and focus on during the event:

Reality has never been so exhilarating.

This is certainly the focus of the Chinese company on virtual reality and augmented reality machines where the company itself previously said that it plans to announce its latest innovations along with Google, Qualcomm and Microsoft.

The company is expected to be announcing Google’s virtual reality glasses under the name Google Daydream. After HTC emerged from the competition, Lenovo is Google’s only partner in the virtual reality glasses industry.

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Panasonic at CES 2018

Personally I see that Panasonic is a company that operates in silence without creating a noise left behind in the field of TVs and home entertainment devices.

It is difficult to predict what this company will announce, but its conference will certainly be full of a range of devices in the field of audio and video in particular.

Qualcomm at CES 2018

Qualcomm, the US chip processor manufacturer, has become a company that have a platform at CES, as we saw in CES 2017 when it announced the Snapdragon 835, which we have seen in a number of top-class phones launched past year.

Our expectations for CES 2018The company is expected to show what it has recently announced, the Snapdragon 845 processor at CES 2018, to become the core of the processors that will be present mainly in the top class smartphones this year, most notably the expected phones from Samsung, LG and Sony.

A Windows device with the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor has also been announced and the Xiaomi phone is expected to be announced as the first phone to be launched with the new Qualcomm ship.

This was the most anticipated outlook for the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018), which we expect to be warmer in January.

You do not really expect to officially announce or launch top class phones from companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others as they do this at their own conferences or at the MWC conference in Barcelona every year.

You do not also expect to be able to have any of those announced devices as soon as they are advertised. The exhibition is not as specialized as it is general, where it announces the prototypes, plans and profiles of what companies are already working on right now.

We will also not hear any news from software or social networking companies. CES is not in place, like you hear about Facebook launching a set of changes on the News Feed page during the show.

Despite this, however, this exhibition is what we open our technical year with and it is one of the most important exhibitions for technical fans.

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